MoneyBox - achieve your financial goals with blockchain!

MoneyBox is decentralized Ethereum blockchain application (smart contract) which could help U to easily achieve your financial goals.

- How often do U set financial goals?
- How often do U achieve them?
- How often sudden circumstances force you to stop moving to your goal because U need money fast to solve sudden problems which have appeared from nothing?
- Are U used to buy stuff for credit and in this way keep yourself sinking deeper and deeper into overwhelming debt bothering U day after day?

Read this article to the end and we will show how U can use blockchain technology - 2017-2018 trend - to easily help U to achieve all your financial goals one by one :)

U probably have heard of Ethereum based decentralized smart contracts. Do U still think they are for just geeks or big corporations or IT companies?

U should not be a programmer by yourself to use smart contracts in your everyday life.

We have created quite simple nevertheless highly secured by blockchain technology smart contract which can help your to achieve any financial goal U may set.

Let me introduce U our MoneyBox ETH smart contract!

It has already been verified and published at Ethereum blockchain and works automatically without need for any trust from third parties.

First of all set your first light-weighted financial goal in your local currency. It could be some gadget from Aliexpress or even new iPhone.

Convert it's price into ETH using current ETH/USD rate from CEX Exchange:

This will be your financial goal in ETH.

Get some ETH from CEX exchange directly from your VISA or Mastercard debit card.

Send this ETH to the address of MoneyBox smart contract.

Keep in mind that NO ONE could withdraw money from this contract except U!

But U can get money from it ONLY after you will reach the target sum in ETH.

Minimum is 0.1ETH.
Maximum can be set by U ONLY!

This way anytime U have free money left on your debit card follow the above steps:

- buy ETH;
- send them to your MoneyBox;
- rise target limit if U need it;

In a short period of time (depending though on how often U will send ETH to your MoneyBox) U will have enough money to reach your goal!

BONUS! Since cryptocurrency markets has overall rising trend the USD value of your money box will grow too because of ETH rate growth.

Are already U interested? Want to try it by yourself?
Create your MoneyBox right now!

WARNING: send ETH to MoneyBox contract address from your personal ETH wallet ONLY!

We recommend using MyEtherWallet or MetaMask since those are very simple and pretty secure ETH wallets.

The only way to keep your money safe is to keep your private key in SECRET PLACE!

DO NOT expose your private key or seed phrase to any website or service especially promising you free money!

Scan this QR with your Ethereum mobile wallet app


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